Established in 1995, by Mr. Vinod Mutneja¬†(Director); is a Structural Engineering Consulting Firm located in New Delhi, India having 30 Years of vast Experience Offering comprehensive Structural Design Services to Architects, Owners, Developers and Contractors and has Specialization in Developing all types of Commercial Projects including Office Buildings, Multi-Storey Residential, Retail Centre’s, Multi-Level Parking, Schools, Factories, Hospitals and specialized medical facilities to house equipments such as MRIs, Linear Accelerators etc.

Our priority is Quality Services to our Client by providing the most inventive and experienced Structural Engineers. They are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials and loads (gravity, wind, seismic). Equally, we make sure that our Structural Engineers work closely with the Clients and Collaborators and stay up to date with industry issues so that they can innovate in response to real-world challenges and constraints.